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About Us


 Gorilla Garage Gear was born out of necessity. My brand new 2-1/2 car garage was in total disarray. Everything from bicycles, lawn mower, and garden tools were just strewn about. We could barely fit one vehicle in with all the clutter.

My background is in engineering. I had worked for years in manufacturing to organize and coordinate systems and environments making them more efficient and productive. It was time to take these principles and apply them to my home. I began looking locally (Home Depot, Lowes,…) for organization gear. I couldn’t find anything that could withstand the rigors of a garage environment particularly the Western New York, Buffalo winters.  I turned to the internet and found a vast array of offerings. Some good and some not so good. It was then I decided to organize the best of these options into Gorilla Garage Gear.

I found affordable products designed to withstand the harsh garage environment like RedLine cabinets with their powder coated finish and lifetime warranty, HandiWall and their waterproof slat walls and Contur Cabinets our premium line of high quality, stylish metal cabinets.

Gorilla Garage Gear is the areas only authorized installer of GORILLA FLOORS ©, an amazing, durable, and long lasting garage floor coating that will withstand Industrial abuse.  GORILLA FLOORS © add beauty and protection while putting the finishing touch to any concrete application.   (NOTE: A GORILLA FLOORS © can go over any concrete surface, it doesn’t have to be just  garage floors !!!)   Whether you’re a classic car or bike enthusiast, a sports buff or simply demand organization out of chaos, allow Gorilla Garage Gear to simplify your space.

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