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The Gorilla Process

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Gorilla Floor Coatings Exclusive Process

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Polyaspartic /aliphatic polyurea Topcoat (4x’s tougher than Epoxy). Add Aluminum Oxide for slip resistance

Decorative Chips

Pigmented 100% solid moisture vapor barrier

For Repairs- 100% Solid "slow cure" Epoxy Mortar. Higher bond strength and better wicking properties than Polyurea

Diamond Grind Concrete Surface. Cleans and Opens pores in concrete for max absorption.  

What makes a Gorilla Floor Superior to other Floor coatings

•All floors are diamond ground to ensure proper cleanliness of the concrete surface. Diamond grinding also properly opens the pores on the concrete to allow for ideal absorption into the concrete and prevent delamination over time.

•Gorilla floors use a “Slow Cure” 100% solid Epoxy mortar to repair and prime the surface.  100% solid Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer coating that also acts as a VAPOR BARRIER. These epoxies are far superior to Polyaspartic / polyurea materials at this stage of the process.  They have a much higher bonding strength to raw concrete and since they are slow cure materials (6 to 8 hours) they have time to penetrate deeply and become part of the concrete slab.

•A pigmented (usually beige or gray) slow cure 100% solid moisture vapor barrier is used for the chip adhesive and to protect against vapor transmission.  Vapor transmission is the number  one reason resinous floor fail!

•The decorative chips are most commonly acrylic paint chips. They are spread across the floor creating a decorative surface with some degree of slip resistance.

•Finally, a GORILLA FLOOR is topped off with a crystal clear high gloss Polyaspartic topcoat.  This material is UV stable. It has a high abrasion and scratch resistance.  It has a high tolerance to heat, meaning hot tire pickup is not an issue.  These materials have good flexibility for higher impact resistance and high stain and chemical resistance. This includes salts for winter climates.  We also add Aluminum Oxide for improved slip resistance. 


•FINAL VERDICT – A GORILLA FLOOR is not rushed.  We do not promise the  1DAY application that is seen all over the internet.  The one-day processes require a quick cure mortar or repair material.  Because these materials cure so quickly (an advantage to the installer, not the customer) they do not have the chance to penetrate or prime the surface properly.  A GORILLA FLOOR takes full advantage of the great recent advances in technology to provide you, the customer,  with an easy to clean and affordable flooring solution for the long term.

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