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The Gorilla Floor

A "GORILLA FLOOR"  is a state-of-the-art overlay coating offering the benefits of  long lasting durability, improved appearance, simpler maintenance, and increased market appeal.


All "GORILLA FLOORS"  start with diamond grinding all of the concrete surfaces. This  helps open the pores of the concrete ensuring long-term adhesion of the overlay. A "GORILLA FLOOR" uses only the best 100% solid Industrial grade materials and a polyaspartic topcoat that seals and protects the floors against long term wear and tear.


Best of all "GORILLA FLOORS" come with a 15 year Warranty at no additional cost to you. 


A "GORILLA FLOOR" can be finished with  a full or partial broadcast system or simple a single color epoxy color.  It all depends on your preferences and design ideas. 

Gorilla Garage Gear is the areas ONLY Authorized installer of "GORILLA FLOORS".    Ask for it by name. 


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